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The best stage for your wedding

An event venue located in the incredible and paradisiacal destination: Isla Blanca, Cancun

About Us

VILLA CHENERA is a new wedding & event venue in a secluded setting on the Caribbean, 12 miles north of Cancun and only 22 miles from Cancun International Airport, in an area called Isla Blanca (it’s not really an island). Facing east, there is the turquoise blue Caribbean Sea. In the near distance, you’ll see Isla Mujeres. Facing west, you’ll love the magnificent sunsets over the vast Laguna Chacmochuck.

This property offers a spectacular view and the privacy you need for that special occasion.

Celebrate your very special day at this destination, you will be impressed!


Our Location

KM 8 Carretera Isla Blanca

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